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Clear Hearing Rechargeable Hearing Aid Event

Come See the Worlds Smallest Rechargeable Hearing Aids

 Bye-bye batteries. Hello freedom.


Introducing the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the planet.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Unitron has consistently remained dedicated to providing the world’s highest caliber of RIC (receiver-in-canal) rechargeable hearing aids. With the release of Moxi Now, Unitron has given the public access to its most ambitious and sophisticated piece of technology yet!


These new RIC hearing aids are just a quarter of an inch wide and three-quarters of an inch tall, making it nearly 40% smaller than the next smallest Unitron make or model.


 Come See…


Monday, May 8 and Tuesday, May 9. On these two days, Unitron will be hosting a significant premier event at Clear Hearing Centre Leamington.

Hearing Aid in Silver

During this premier event, Moxi now will be unveiled for the public to see for the very first time.


Preimer Event


Amazing Sound with the Discretion you Deserve


At Clear Hearing Centre, we understand that there are more factors than just the technical specs of a Rechargeable Hearing Aid that affect your comfort when wearing them. Though there are plenty of RIC’s on the market with passable sound detection quality, many of them weren’t designed with any consideration of the fact that users may not feel comfortable with the lack of discretion when wearing them.


Unitron Moxi Now


This new line of Unitron Hearing Aid Models is a customer-first innovation that has been specially designed with the comfort of the anyone suffering from hearing loss in mind. This rechargeable hearing aid is just as discreet as it is technologically sophisticated, allowing you to wear it out in public without having to worry about whether or not your hearing aid is the focus of other’s attention. As it’s made for “set and forget” functionality, you can simply pop Moxi Now into your ear and let it do the work without ever having to touch anything else.


Just read some of these Features:

  • Virtually disappears. The smallest* wireless RIC (receiver in the canal) hearing aid in its class virtually disappears when you put it on.
  • Adjusts automatically. Go from home to work to an evening out and always hear your best!
  • Stay connected. Get wireless streaming from your smartphone, TV and other Bluetooth® devices.
  • Your choice. Available in 12 colours to match your personal style.


As is the case for all Unitron Hearing Aids, the key directive for this new development was to facilitate a smoother user experience with maximum comfort. You don’t just want to have a rechargeable hearing aids that work, you want to have something that works for you and your lifestyle. A hearing aid that makes you feel mortified every time that you put it on and leave the house can practically feel worse than having no hearing device or RIC at all.


Supercharged sound recognition and integration


This latest addition to Unitron’s user-optimized inventory carries on the company’s core principle of ensuring livability and comfort. Of course, the prioritization of comfort did not require any sacrifices in terms of engineering quality. This RIC is not only very easy to use discreetly, but it is also immensely powerful in terms of its pure processing power.


The core of Moxi Now’s power is derived from a trio of high-performance sound recognition solutions: Speech Zone 2, Sound Nav and Sound Conduction. Though Unitron’s new hearing aids may be physically small, within its is the combined performance horsepower of three rigorously tested sound recognition technologies.


World's Smallest Hearing Aids by Unitron


Thanks to Unitron’s Smallest Wireless Hearing Aids with all-inclusive integration design, all of its features can be continually executed without sapping any resources from other features that you need. Moxi Now fully capable of operating at 100% capacity with out having to sacrifice even a drop in quality to bear the processing load.


With its wide range of integration compatibility, users are spared the tediously erratic ebb and flow of sound quality that would be experienced with an RIC that doesn’t have the same degree of integration and battery power technology.


The smallest are often the sweetest

Technical Specs Sheet




Even though Unitron made the world’s smallest hearing instrument in its class, we still managed to pack in all the features and functionality you need to give your patients the best hearing experience possible.

Download PDF




You can download the spec sheet HERE.



Noise discrimination


Should you ever happen be wearing Moxi Now in a place where loud noises are distorting casual speech, the North Platform interface ensures that speech patterns can be detected and picked out from the audio “static”. In this way, the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid also has the most discerning ear.


One overnight charge, daylong power


With just a single overnight charge, Moxi Now is capable of remaining fully operational throughout the day without needing to stop and recharge it even once. You can leave the house with Moxi Now discreetly planted in your ear without having to worry about it suddenly shutting off due running on low-power at an inconvenient time.


North platform tech fortifications


North Platform’s technology enables Moxi 2 to operate at a superior speed thanks to powerful dual-core processing. The platform facilitates a sound range of up to 101 dB, encompassing the full spectrum of natural sounds in your surroundings.


Not only does the dynamic decibel range facilitate the full inclusion of all sounds in the immediate area, but each of these sounds can be picked up with maximum preservation of clarity. Whereas some RIC instruments pick up indiscernible background noise at the expense the wearer’s ability to hear what actually matters, Moxi Now can perfectly preserve the full quality of speech patterns that it picks up in the surrounding area as clear as a bell.


Precise patient insight


In addition to its various North Platform-facilitated features, Moxi Now’s release marks the beginning of the Unitron’s ambitious Patients Insights feature. Accurate reports about the experiences of patients while using disability management solutions are invaluable for giving healthcare practitioners and inventors more insight needed to continue developing the industry as a whole.


In this context, patient audio data through Moxi 2 can greatly assist healthcare providers in understanding the full scope of a patient’s experiences with the disability management technologies; because of this, it could technically be said that Moxi Now provides better clarity for both the wearer and the healthcare provider examining patients experience with it.


By collecting accurate patient insights regarding their experience with the RIC, better-informed initiatives for the state of hearing treatments as we know it can be made with more confidence and well-informed inferences about the public needs.


Come to our premier event to experience the full Moxi line, before anyone else …


Moxi Now was designed as a set-and-forget RIC, but you certainly won’t want to be forgetting the following dates anytime soon:


Join us and Unitron’s Smallest Hearing Aid on Monday, May 8 and Tuesday, May 9. at Clear Hearing Centre Leamington.


Those who attend the premier met will be among the first in the world would be exclusive chance to test out the smallest rechargeable RIC ever invented. Simply by attending, you will have the privilege of signing up for a complimentary hearing test to experience the power of Unitron’s latest release.


The premier event will be held at 243 Erie St. S., Unit 3, in plaza 239, Leamington Ontario. Schedule your trip to Clear Hearing Centre Leamington today for a free chance to experience the pinnacle of hearing aid technology.


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