Why Choose Us?

Melissa’s interest in the world of hearing and more specifically, hearing loss, began quite innocently many years ago. It was a simple appointment with her nana, when Melissa Beardsley was only fifteen, that convinced her that a career could change the outlook and lives for those with a hearing impairment. Witnessing the efforts and successful fitting of her own nana with a hearing aid made her realize at a young age how hearing aids can improve the quality of life and reduce the frustrations of those experiencing hearing loss. Now, with over ten years of experience in the field, Melissa has brought a tremendous passion and love of her career as a hearing instrument specialist to the residents of Leamington. Melissa offers free hearing tests to those aged eighteen and over and service hearing aids of any make or model. She also offers a very unique service to a special group of prospective clients—Melissa makes house calls. For those unable to make the trip to see her for their hearing needs—Melissa will pay them a visit at their home, at a retirement home, nursing home or private residence. For Melissa this is an extremely important service—one not often provided, but certainly important since the elderly make up the majority of her clientele. However, hearing loss is certainly not restricted to the aging population. She said she has recommended hearing aids to those as young as twenty. “Hearing loss isn’t based on age,” she said.

And while Melissa admits hearing aids were once conspicuous and a bit clunky, she states that the technology has come a long way. They are now much more inconspicuous, can be programmed on the computer and are Bluetooth compatible to allow users to hear their cell phone or television right through their hearing aids. Melissa states that the majority are also self-adjusting to the environment—making for hassle-free hearing for the client, wherever they are. We recommend anyone, 18 and over, experiencing difficulty hearing–especially those who work in a noisy environment, to make an appointment. There is nothing to lose. In fact, a simple hearing test could make a world of difference in your everyday life.