Hearing Aids Kingsville

Hearing Aids Kingsville

What you Should Know about Hearing Loss:

Simple Steps To Protect Your Hearing


Seeing, touching, feeling, smelling and hearing. Most healthy people take these five senses for granted, not thinking much about them at all from day to day. In reality, these five senses are critical to every little thing we do in our lives. They tell our minds and our hearts so much about the people, places and world around us. We often don’t appreciate them until one of them is missing.


Nearly 1 out of every 4 adult Canadians reports having some hearing loss, although it is closer to 10% of people actually identify themselves as culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing. 530,210 people in Ontario (4.74% of the population) are deaf or hard of hearing.


What can you do to protect your hearing?
Here are some simple steps.


1. Be Aware. Think about your interactions with people on a day-to-day basis. Are you finding that you are asking people to repeat themselves more often? Do you sense that you are missing important information in conversations or with instructions? If you’ve noticed these small signs, take the next step to explore the potential hearing loss further.


2. Ask Your Friends and Family. Although hearing loss can be a touchy subject because it can trigger fears of aging and disease, it’s important to diagnose the problem and find a solution. Doing so quickly can drastically improve your quality of life. Your friends and family may be the first to notice a potential problem but may be hesitant to say anything. Take the first step and ask them if they’ve noticed that you’re having more trouble hearing recently.


3. Conduct A Self-Assessment. Technology today allows you to take a quick self-assessment online or through a mobile app. Search for a hearing assessment tool online and invest five to 10 minutes to see the results.


4. Come In For A Free Test Hearing Test. Our professionals at Clear Hearing Centre in Kingsville invite you to come into our office for a free hearing test. We are happy to conduct a more comprehensive screening to help you determine whether you have a hearing problem, and if so, what might be the best solution.


5. Try Hearing Aids At No Charge. If it’s determined that you have some level of hearing loss, our professional hearing specialist will introduce you to the latest hearing aid technology. Enjoy a free trial period at home when you can try out Hearing Aids Kingsville Ontario at no charge. We are certain that you will be surprised at how well they work and how easy they are to use.


6. Reclaim Your Hearing! Hearing loss can happen slowly, and you may not notice how it affects the rest of your life. However, once you reclaim a great percentage of your hearing with state-of-the-art hearing aids, you will notice other positive changes in your life.



Here are benefits of Getting Hearing Aids Kingsville Ont:


* Improve Relationships. Communication between friends, family and co-workers can be significantly improved once hearing problems are detected and resolved.


* Increase Earning Potential. It’s easier to understand expectations at work and pick up on small cues in conversations and tone of voice, which often help you improve work performance and result in salary increases.


* Enjoy Small Pleasures. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you enjoy the sounds of chirping birds or the bustling crowd noises on a city block. Hearing them again can remind you of those things you used to take for granted.


* Protect Cognitive Abilities. Believe it or not, studies show that fixing hearing problems can actually slow down cognitive decline in other areas. A simple hearing aid can protect you from more debilitating problems down the road.


* Be Safer. Hearing cues often protect you from many dangers. Car horns, sirens, or simple warning sounds often give you enough time to react and get out of harm’s way. Using hearing aids when needed can help you stay safe each and every day.


Call To Make An Appointment for Hearing Aids in Kingsville:

Don’t delay. Stop by Clear Hearing Centre and make an appointment with a professional hearing specialist. We are anxious to help you discover how hearing aids Kingsville can improve the quality of your life.


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