Are my Hearing Aids covered by Insurance or the Government of Canada?

Coverage for Hearing Devices

Get help paying for a hearing device in Ontario Canada

Which Programs are available to me and how do I apply?

If your family and friends are hinting that you are starting to become hard of hearing, maybe you should visit your local hearing centre and book your free hearing test to get your ears checked. The truth is, hearing loss can have many causes including illnesses, injuries and inherited conditions, so it is wise to talk with a hearing specialist to asses any hear loss early on.


Hearing Aids


But the real question you are most probably asking yourself right now is can I afford a new hearing device? Or … are hearing aids eligible for coverage with any of my health insurance plans? What about other Government programs or funding available to me as a Canadian resident?

Don’t worry you are in luck….

Canada offers a free hearing aids program or ADP (Assistive Devices Program) for both seniors and children. Clear Hearing Centre in Leamington is an authorized vendor of the ADP program and would love to help you get assistance through that program.


Hearing Aid Coverage Ontario

Hearing Aid Help In Ontario


Who Can Qualify for the Assistive Devices Program for Hearing Aid Coverage?

In order to qualify for Hearing Aid or Hearing Devices reimbursement through the Assistive Devices Program in Ontario, you must contact them directly as the program may be subject to change from time to time.

You can find out if you qualify and how much the program allows for in the way of Hearing Aid Coverage or reimbursement by visiting the official website here:

We are positive that they can assist you in getting more information about the program or you can visit our physical location at 243 Erie St., S, Unit 3 in Plaza 239, Leamington ON right across from Tim Horton’s South.

We Offer Many Hearing Aid Styles to Best Suit your Needs.

Hearing Aid Types


What about Hearing Aid Replacements?

Both the Assisted Devices Program and Clear Hearing Centre can talk more about getting you a proper replacement for the right type of hearing aid, no matter if the hearing aids were damaged or lost. We can find you replacements and get you back to hearing the world.


Why Clear Hearing Centre Helps You The MOST …

  • Free Hearing Test Evaluation
  • Free Batteries with every Unit
  • 1 Week Free trial of Hearing Aids (No Obligation to Buy)
  • 60 Day Return Policy (No Re-Stocking Fee)
  • 3 Year Warranty on Hearing Aids (Others only offer 1 year coverage)
  • 3 Year Warranty on Lost & Damaged Hearing Devices (1 Time Only)
  • Free Batteries with every Unit
  • Free Hearing Evaluation


How to apply for the Hearing Aids Program – ADP In Ontario

You follow different steps for children or an adult, to apply for a child (18 years old and younger click the blue text) or apply for an adult (19 years of age or older click the blue text) or if you need any assistance please call Melissa Beardsley at 519-398-8116 and we would be glad to help you.

Coverage for Hearing Devices

You should know however, this is for the Provence of Ontario only and not every region in Canada shares the same characteristics. According to Government policies were are not allowed to disscuss the full detials of the program as they may be subject to change, so it is best to contact your nearest authorized ADP vendor, such as Melissa at Clear Hearing Centre at 519-398-8116.

If you would like more information on your specific province and what is covered, you can download this complete PDF on Canadian Hearing Aid Subsidies Access Canada from the CHHA (Canadian Hard of Hearing Association)


Why Most Private Insurance Programs Don’t Cover Hearing Aids

Basically, most of the insurance plans in Canada don’t have full or complete coverage for hearing aids, aside from the routine hearing exams which are mainly freely available now. This practically means that each insurance plan would have their own policy on what may or may not be covered. We can always help you research your individual insurance company or coverage plan and find out the best course of action for you.

The main reasons why this is maybe the case, because most insurance companies view hearing aids as an elective device for your hearing and not a potential health risk. Although those who have hearing loss know that they are a lifeline to understanding family and friends. Without The Proper Hearing Aid the quality of life is reduced, affecting the those around them and other associated troubles with engaging in life.

The reasons for the lack of coverage here are obviously fiscal, although not all bad news. We had a look at Sun Life Financial a long-standing Canadian Insurance Company and they offer Extended Health Care Insurance Plans that would cover Hearing Aid Costs for up to $400 every 4 years. Here is all the Insurance Plan details for Hearing Aids. Although we would recommend applying with the Government first as success rate for subsidies is very high.

Hearing loss is not an unlikely risk – it is more a likely risk through time and most people will suffer some types of hearing loss in their adult lifetime. It is unfortunate that this result is not considered insurable. Offering hearing aids for younger people is also definitely something that does not help insurance companies be profitable as it only adds more risk and liabilities, which they don’t deem necessary to include at this time.

Another logical reason for the lack of coverage, if we even have to give it one, is that hearing loss is not as big of a historical issue which has had a strong voice in the past. Compared to depression, for example, hearing loss has yet to become something to rally about. However, this reason does not withstand the suffering of patients and their inability to engage in real life.



Please Let Us Help You Find the Right Hearing Device

Fortunately, the baby boomer generation will be more agile and vocal when it comes to their needs and will be in need of Hearing Aids and Hearing Devices in the Future. Hearing is something that should be brought up as a conversation in our society and put on par with every other serious issue that affects our lives. If you believe you have some hearing loss and would like help applying to any Government programs or need some assistance with a Free Hearing Test please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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